Celebration of Growth!

I am very happy to announce that I am hosting my very first promotion! To celebrate 1,200 followers on Twitter, I am offering 12% off your entire Lawleypop Merch cart total with the coupon code 12off. Offer ends April 30th, 2015.

If you don’t follow me on all social media, I highly encourage you to do so as this is the first of MANY sales hosted on specific platforms to celebrate growth.

Of course, it is not my intention to alienate any of my supporters and I would never want someone to feel left out or unfavored. That is why I am blogging about the promotion. The coupon code is available to everyone, but I do limit the constant advertising of the promotion to the specific social media platform. That is to incentivize everyone to help me grow online! It is in my best interest to have a strong online presence. Naturally, no one should be penalized for not having a presence somewhere – I am the first to acknowledge every platform has its pros and cons – so if you access my blog or are subscribed to my newsletter, you will still be informed when a sale/promotion/discount is taking place. I can only hope that this is understandable!

As a sign off, here are the URLs to all my social media accounts. Thank you to everyone who has helped Lawleypop grow since launch and thank you in advance to all new supporters!