Official Launch!

I am extremely happy to announce the official launch of Lawleypop. After years of thought and many weeks of hard-work, I am officially ready to venture into the creative industries – where I rightfully belong. All of my websites are properly coded and articulate my products and services. Now the only thing I need is content! I have -some- graphic resources available for download, just a few to give my pages some sustenance. Unfortunately Lawleypop Music is currently empty, but that will change soon… I am incredibly afraid of all this being for naught and never seeing fruition, and I think that is holding me back. But I know I have all the required abilities and skills needed for success. Having my first sale was incredibly motivating and the thought of there being more is tough to describe. In reality, the only thing holding me back is myself. I know that push, push, push will lead to sales. And yet, I’m afraid to push, push, push. But every day it becomes easier to execute the things I tell myself I need to execute. And every day has small successes, which is motivating. Now I need only to take it one day at a time.