Stock Images

Premium, unbundled, royalty-free, commercial-use, extended license and high-resolution Stock Images (.JPG and .PNG) by Cheri Lawley and Lawleypop Design.

Use these Stock Images freely in any project, personal or commercial. You may even use the Stock Images in templates for reproduction, including, but not limited to, mugs, t-shirts, pajamas, posters, leggings, etc.! Most importantly, you may use the Stock Images in an unlimited number of projects.

Credit/attribution is not required, but it’s always appreciated! Word-of-mouth advertising is the best.

Stock Images may not be resold or sub-licensed. Stock Images may not be redistributed, shared or transferred, for free or for-profit. Stock Images may not be used to create derivative design resources or stock imagery, whether for sale, distribution (free or for-profit) or claim of authorship.

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