Poker Chip Mock-Up


3 Different Effects/Styles!

Fully Layered PSDs.

Easily editable via Smart Objects!

Extremely High-Resolution and High-Quality.

File Dimensions: 3,264 x 2,448 pixels.

Clean and properly named layers.

Huge, original and real photograph of a poker chip to work with.

Photographed on a real paper background!

Modifiable filters, effects, hues and tones.

Instruction/Help file included (.PDF & .DOC).



Realistic Product Mock Up – Poker Chip

Turn your regular design into presentational gold with this incredible Poker Chip Mock-Up; perfect for logos, stickers, labels, badges and literally any and all other designs! This Poker Chip Mock-Up will regenerate ANY design/template, even if it’s square and seamless. You do not need a circular design – or a poker chip-specific design – to use this mock-up!

How cool is that?

This mock-up works for designs of ALL shapes and colors and will work even if your design has a background.

About Lawleypop Design

Premium, unbundled, royalty-free, commercial-use, extended license, high-resolution and high-quality graphic design resources, templates and mock-ups.


Each file/style and its layers are properly named and neatly organized. If you have a solid understanding of Photoshop, the files should be clear and intuitive. All you must do is open the smart object layer and “place” your design.

Here are the thorough instructions to show you just how easy this mock-up is to use!

  1. “Open” [File – Open] your preferred style (“High Roller,” “Vintage Venue” or “The Shark”) in Photoshop.
  2. Double click the thumbnail of the Layer named “DOUBLE CLICK THUMBNAIL.” This will open a new file in Photoshop named something.PSB
  3. Activate/Highlight” the layer named “”PLACE” DESIGN HERE” by simply clicking once on the Layer in the Layers Panel.
  4. “Place” [File — Place] your design/template/sticker/logo/label/badge.
  5. Close your file named something.PSB
  6. Select “YES” to saving
  7. Ta-da!

My poker chip didn’t turn out so hot…

That’s okay! Don’t panic. Your design/template likely needs one of two modifications – or both – and I have naturally provided both of the filters (solutions)!

If your poker chip has a really bizarre background color, UN-HIDE the layer/filter titled “DESATURATE.”

If your poker chip just doesn’t seem to blend well, UN-HIDE the layer/filter titled “INVERT.”



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