Postcard Design


Super sweet full-colour and print-ready postcard design services.

Made without the use of pre-made templates. Let’s get your branding right.

Created in CMYK, with 0.125″ bleeds and at 300 DPI; full compatibility with all desktop and commercial printers.

Unless otherwise requested, sized at 4.25″x6″ in landscape (horizontal) orientation.



Postcard Design

Super sweet and personalized postcard design services. Made without the use of pre-made templates to get your branding right.

Postcards by Lawleypop Design are created in vector format for the highest possible print quality. Designs are created in a native resolution of 300 DPI, use the CMYK colour profile, are full-colour, and have 0.125″ bleeds applied to each side. Should you require other specifications, you may indicate so in the “Additional Information” textarea at checkout.

Size, Sides & Colours

Postcards can mirror a design on the front and back or they can display two unique designs. Please select the “Single-Sided” option if you require one (1) unique design, or select the “Double-Sided” option if you require two (2) different designs.

Postcards are available in a variety of standard and non-standard sizes. By default, Lawleypop Design Postcards are sized at 4.25 inches by 6 inches in landscape (horizontal) orientation, the most typical postcard size. You may indicate your sizing and orientation preferences in the “Additional Information” textarea at checkout. No additional charges are incurred on sizes smaller than 5″x7″.

Files Included

Unless otherwise requested, all Lawleypop Designs are created in vector format on the powerful industry-favourite, Adobe Illustrator. Final designs are provided in the following print-compatible file formats:

  • .AI
  • .EPS
  • .PDF
  • .JPG

Your Logo

The prices listed on this page are for postcard design services where the client has provided their logo in vector format (.AI) or as a high-resolution and transparent .PNG.

If you don’t have a logo ready, Lawleypop Design offers super sweet Logo Design Services at unbelievable prices. You get full rights to your logo, the original file to trademark, and tons of color, background and size variations for both print and web.

Average Turnaround

The average turnaround time for Lawleypop Design Postcard Design Services ranges from 2-5 business days. Clear and precise instructions, feedback and outline of your needs and preferences are key to expediting the design process. Listed below are the approximate times required for each task involved in the design process, in no particular order:

  • Understanding Needs: 30 minutes to 3 hours
  • Brainstorming: 30 minutes to 3 hours
  • Conceptual Development and Design: 6 to 24 hours per concept
  • Revisions: 2 to 8 hours per round
  • Ideal Reply Time: 3 hours between messages

Rush Services

If you do not require our Logo Design Services and you’re on an absolute time-crunch, Lawleypop Design offers rush design services for our business cards. For a fee of $149, your business card is guaranteed to be completed within 24 hours of purchase. Communicating effectively on the content (“copy”) of the business card and your stylistic preferences is integral to our success.

Due to the time-constraint (including communication, conceptual development and design, revisions, file saving and transfer, delays and design approval), rush orders are limited to TWO (2) concepts and TWO (2) rounds of revision.

Licensing & Usage Rights

A contract is provided during the checkout process (which you may sign electronically and return at any time), but purchasing Lawleypop Design Postcard Design Services constitutes your acceptance of the terms and conditions. Our usage rights are classified as an “exclusive license with no modification rights” and is described as:

Designer hereby grants to Client the exclusive, perpetual and worldwide right and license to use, reproduce and display the Final Art solely in connection with the Project as defined in the Proposal and in accordance with the various terms and conditions of this Agreement. The rights granted to Client are for usage of the Final Art in its original form only. Client may not crop, distort, manipulate, reconfigure, mimic, animate, creative derivative works or extract portions or in any other manner, alter the Final Art.

To summarize, you are allowed to print and distribute an infinite number of copies but you are not allowed to modify the design (“Final Art”) in any way, shape or form, for either the purposes of improving the current design or for creating an entirely new project, postcard or otherwise. That’s what I’m here for. 😉

Watermarks & Branding

Lawleypop Design never includes branding or watermarks on a final, printed product. We like to think your advertising and marketing should be all about you – especially when you are the sole financer.

However, you may want to showcase your postcard on social media, your website or blog, and that’s totally cool and reasonable in our technological age. Lawleypop Design provides a separate “Web-Ready” folder with watermarked images optimized for web-use. There are three important things to remember when posting images online:

  • 1. Never remove a watermark. It is our fail-safe against copyright infringement and necessary for DMCA filings.
  • 2. Never send designs/files in the “Web-Ready” folder to print. Lawleypop Design is not liable for errors in print caused by transferring the wrong file.
  • 3. Never upload a “Print-Ready” design/file to the web. This is another theft-protection measure. The only people who should have access to the print-ready designs/files are me, you and print shop(s).

Concepts & Revisions

It is Lawleypop Design’s policy to design until 100% satisfaction. This means we offer unlimited concepts and revisions. Of course, the number of concepts that can be created/provided is always schedule-dependent. After discussing needs and preferences, two concepts are created for comparing and contrasting. Likes and dislikes are determined, scope and direction is re-assessed and confirmed, and then a tertiary concept is created to unite all the discussed elements/revisions.

Typically, only minor tweaks need to be made to the third concept to achieve a desired outcome. It is unlikely to have “missed the mark” this far into the process. However, if, for any reason, we stray from our path, needs and aesthetic preferences are re-assessed and the design process begins anew.

File Upload

When you order, please opt-in for an account at Lawleypop Design. This will allow you to log-in to our Member Area, where you will have access to a ‘file upload’ area. You may upload up to 15 files, images, logos, inspiration/references, etc. If, for some reason, you did not create an account, you may e-mail all necessary files to using the free file transfer service, WeTransfer.


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