Affiliate Posting Tips

This post outlines the existing methods and tools in the Lawleypop Merch Affiliate Program to assist you in advertising the Lawleypop Merch shop and its products.

I cannot stress enough how important it is that you verify that you are using the unique Affiliate I.D. that has been assigned to you. If you use somebody else’s Affiliate I.D., somebody else will receive your commission when a product is purchased. If you use a non-existent Affiliate I.D., the link/purchase will not be tracked at all. I do not have a way to track/correct Special Links or commissions earned through a wrong Affiliate I.D.

Every time you post a product, please double-check that you have used YOUR UNIQUE AFFILIATE I.D.

Your Unique Affiliate I.D. (A.K.A. Ref Key)

Once you have been accepted to the Lawleypop Merch Affiliate Program, you will be able to log-in to your Affiliate Dashboard.

After you have logged in to the Affiliate Dashboard, you will see 5 tabs: Overview, Sales, Payment History, Creatives and Edit Profile. Your Affiliate I.D. is found under the Creatives tab.

You will notice that you have 3 options to use for your Affiliate I.D.:

      1) You may use your Affiliate I.D., which is a simple number.
      2) You may use the e-mail that you used to apply to the Lawleypop Merch Affiliate Program (not your Paypal e-mail)
      3) You may use a Refkey, which is a long, randomized string of alphanumeric characters.

It is my recommendation to use Option #1, your unique Affiliate I.D. For obvious reasons, you may not want your e-mail publicized. Option #3, the random Refkey, can appear intimidating. There are some Internet users who are very particular about the type of URL they will click, and might be put-off if there is a long string of random digits.

I offer my reasoning purely as friendly advice. You may use your discretion to decide which method is most appropriate – all methods function correctly.

Using Your Affiliate I.D./RefKey

Now that you have an Affiliate I.D., it’s time to use it. It’s super easy!

To create a Special Link, all you have to do is append ?wpam_refkey=YOURAFFILIATEIDHERE at the end of any Lawleypop Merch URL.

When a Special Link is clicked, it will place a cookie in the browser’s cache, tracking any and all purchases made at Lawleypop Merch for the next 20 days.

Here are some example Special Links:


My Creatives

When you log-in to the Affiliate Dashboard area and navigate to the Creatives section, the first thing you see are your Affiliate I.D.s, which we have discussed how to use. The second thing you see are Pre-Made Special Links and Graphics (“Creatives”). These are HTML-based advertising tools, suiting a blog post perfectly. These HTML codes should not be used for social media, but you *can* extract your Special Link from each Creative.

The main URLs are located here, such as Special Text Links to the Shop’s Home Page and each Category Page, and Special Image Links to each Category Page.

Social Media & Sharing

It is my recommendation that sharing Lawleypop Merch Product Page URLs is the most effective way to participate in the Lawleypop Merch Affiliate Program.

Lawleypop Merch has worked hard, and continues to work hard, to make the website extremely user-friendly, for both customers and Affiliates. Product Pages are optimized for sharing on social media platforms, even with your unique Affiliate I.D. appended to the URL.

When you share to Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, your shared post will include a jumbosized image, title and description. When you tweet to Twitter, a “large image summary card” is created. When you pin to Pinterest, a “Rich Pin” is created, displaying the picture, title, description, price and shop logo.

Go ahead and try it! Take this link and append your Affiliate I.D. to the end of it. It should now look like:

Copy and paste this link into any social media platform and watch it generate a beautiful post!

I’m working hard every day to make sure each Product Page is perfectly coded. If you come across any errors, you can contact me immediately telling me to fix it. I’ll get right on it!

Image Use

You are allowed to use any Image that has been provided in the “Creatives” area of the Affiliate Dashboard. You ARE allowed to hotlink the Images provided in the Creatives section. If you do not like the images provided and want to use a different Lawleypop Merch image, you must upload the image to your own servers. Images may be resized. Images may be cropped. Images may NOT be altered. Watermarks must not be applied, colours must not be changed, and the appearance of the physical product must never be modified.

Lawleypop Merch retains all rights to all Images.

WordPress Shops/External Products/Re-Selling

It is important to remember that this is an Affiliate Program, and not a resellers program. If you have an e-commerce website, you might know that some platforms allow you to have a shop that resells items from other shops. This may be called an External Product if you have a shop built on WooCommerce/WordPress.

Lawleypop Merch forbids the reselling of Lawleypop Merch Products, unless granted explicit written permission. Lawleypop Merch forbids order processing of Lawleypop Merch Products unless processed through the Lawleypop Merch website. You may not take an order for a Lawleypop Merch product at a higher listed price, whether through your own website or through social media. You may not re-create a Lawleypop Merch product on your own website, list it for a higher price, and use your Affiliate I.D. to acquire additional revenue. You may not re-create a Lawleypop Merch Product on your website at a higher price, even if you don’t use your Affiliate I.D. All of these are breaches of the Lawleypop Merch Affiliate Program.

The only way you may include a Lawleypop Merch Product in your own e-commerce shop’s website, is by listing it for the exact same price, using your Affiliate I.D., and re-directing the customer to Lawleypop Merch at check-out to purchase the product. The product(s) must be purchased through the Lawleypop Merch website. This is not considered resale, and is appropriate use of the Lawleypop Merch Affiliate Program.