Welcome Aboard, Affiliates!

Ahoy, Affiliates!

Thank you for joining the Lawleypop Merch Affiliate Program! I can’t express how excited I am to have you on board. As I’ve stated, the Lawleypop Merch Affiliate Program blossomed from the fact that advertising is, literally, the most time-consuming task I do each and every day. Naturally, this takes up the extremely valuable time needed to focus on the core function of my business, which is designing beautiful things (not advertising beautiful things).

You may have asked yourself, “Cheri, why don’t you hire a social media consultant?” And it’s a great question! The honest answer is that I’m not actually in a position (yet) to hire somebody permanently. Some weeks are simply slower than the others, and I don’t believe it’s fair to make a promise (commitment) I may not be able to follow through on. I’ve been on the receiving end of that stick. It’s horrible. And I can’t do that to someone else.

What I can do, though, is share the income/revenue as it is generated through Lawleypop Merch. If you help me make a sale, you’ll be paid for it. Simple.

So, How Do You Help?

All you have to do is share/post Lawleypop Merch links/URLs with your unique Affiliate I.D. attached. This can be the Home Page, a Category Page, or a Product Page. You can find detailed Posting Tips here.

A link/URL with your unique Affiliate I.D. attached is called a Special Link. If somebody visits Lawleypop Merch by clicking your Special Link, a cookie will be stored in their browser’s cache. A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in a user’s web browser while the user is browsing that website. Every time the user loads the website, the browser sends the cookie back to the server to notify the website of the user’s previous activity (source).

As of July 13, 2015, this cookie is set to stay in a browser’s cache for 20 days.

If a person purchases a Lawleypop Merch product within 20 days of clicking the Special Link, you will earn a commission/royalty on the entire pre-tax and after-sales price. A person can click one Special Link, purchase 5 Lawleypop Merch products, and you will earn a commission on the 5 items.

If you were one of the first 500 people to register for the Lawleypop Merch Affiliate Program, you will notice that your royalty rate is doubled to 10%. This will last forever, provided that you remain with the Program. If you choose to no longer participate, but re-apply at a later date, you will not retain the “early-sign up bonus.”

If you are not one of the first 500 people to register, your commission rate is currently set at 5%.

It is possible that, at a future date, there will be new reward/bonus/loyalty programs to increase your commission rate.

So, How Do You Get Paid?

As mentioned, you will need a Paypal account to participate in the Lawleypop Merch Affiliate Program. It is, currently, the only method of payment.

Unlike other companies, Lawleypop Merch chose not to mess around with their Affiliate Program. You might be an affiliate for another company, and you might have to accumulate over $100 to receive your earnings.

That’s freaking ridiculous. Again, been there – done that. It’s a joke.

Lawleypop Merch Affiliates only have to earn $15 to cash-in their earnings. The only reason it’s not lower is to help you save on the fee that Paypal charges per transaction.

If you have accumulated $15 dollars in your account, you will be paid automatically on the 1st of each month.

If you have accumulated $15 dollars, you can request to be paid at any time. Standard Paypal processing times may apply.

You can find more information on the payout structure and policies here.

The Affiliate Dashboard

When you register for the Lawleypop Merch Affiliate Program, it may take up to 24 hours to process your application. This is simply to prevent spam and bots. If you provide accurate information on your application, there shouldn’t be a reason to decline your application. If your application is declined, you may re-apply for the Program in 30 days.

Once your application has been approved, you will be able to login to the Affiliate Dashboard. Here, you will have access to your Account Overview (balance, commission rate, visitors, revenue), Account Sales, Account Payment History, Account Profile, and a Creatives section. The Creatives section will house pre-made Special Links that you may quickly copy-and-paste into a blog or e-mail.

I Need Help!

I’m here for you. Whether you need posting help, clarification, or product information, it’s my obligation to give you all the tools you need to succeed. If you have any questions, concerns, requests, etc., my preferred method of communication is e-mail and I can be reached at design@lawleypop.ca. I believe it is the most effective mode of (business) communication.

You may also fill out my contact form, or reach me at 1-905-809-9599 (Canadian phone number). Additionally, you may reach me via social media, or via Skype and Google+ Hangouts for video calls.

Please note: it may take up to 24 hours to receive a reply.

Important Additional Information

Please take a few moments to read the Affiliate Terms of Service. While there are no hidden rules or attempts to trick you, it is important to note that there are terms outlining the need to comply with your own country’s legislation. This is, naturally, standard practice.

However, there is also a clause that states that Lawleypop Merch products may not be used to promote, sponsor, endorse, support, or any other variation of agreement, co-operation or affiliation, to any political, moral or ethical campaign, cause, event, or party, whether positive or negative. This is in lieu of the upcoming elections in both Canada and the United States of America. This clause is specific to Lawleypop Merch. You may find other companies who justify the marginalization of social issues in the pursuit of profit, but Lawleypop Merch is not one of them.

The distinction is this:

You may be applying as an individual, in which case, you may end up using your own Facebook account to promote Lawleypop Merch products. You are absolutely free to continue exercising your right to free speech, whether it be a positive or negative statement. That is not my place to comment on.

What you cannot do, is use Lawleypop Merch products to make that positive or negative political, ethical or moral statement.

For example: you may have posted a Facebook Status Update criticizing a country’s policy on an issue. Hours later, you update your Facebook Status with a Lawleypop Merch product. This scenario is perfectly acceptable. What is not acceptable, is if you were to update your status with a political, ethical or moral statement and end it with something similar to “so buy this Lawleypop Merch product instead.”

Please contact me immediately if you have questions, concerns, require further clarification or would like me to pre-approve a post/advertisement you’ve written.

Let’s Do This!

It’s time to make some money! Just make sure to update your profile with your Paypal address and you can start to post!

And now that I have you on my team, I can focus on the good stuff! Lawleypop Merch will be keeping things fresh by releasing new designs every Saturday at 10 AM E.S.T./7 AM P.S.T.

If you think I’ve missed any information, or think that something can be re-worded or added, please let me know!