We put serious effort into taking it one step further than our competition – and succeeded! We’ve gone above and beyond with our manufacturing process to guarantee that premium means premium.

At Lawleypop Merch, we use cut-and-sew heat sublimation, instead of the mass-manufactured blank garment heat sublimation printing.

The difference?

Just one. Our products do not experience the dreaded “white crease of death” effect – an otherwise standard disclaimer if you’ve been around the all-over printing block. How do we do this?

It’s all in the names!

Blank garment printing means printing on already-assembled (sewn) articles of clothing. This generally cuts down production time, but the quality is inconsistent, resulting in unsightly white creases in the seams, necklines, cufflines, waistbands, shoulders areas, armpit areas, pockets and anywhere that was wrinkled or folded during the printing process.

Cut-and-sew printing means printing on individual pieces of fabric, which are then cut to shape and size, and then sewn together by top-notch seamstresses! The result? Truly seamless printing, at its finest!

Here’s one of our favourite designs, “Blue Autumn”, on a zip-up hoodie!